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Welcome to our blog! I am a small hobby breeder of Schnoodle puppies. My Schnoodles are a cross of the White Schnauzer with a Red Poodle. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We have 4 breeding females and sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for hobby breeders.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)

They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!

We sell our puppies through our Waiting list. We do not post them on the blog for purchase. If you wish to be contacted with updates on the next litter email me at GrowingPuppies@gmail.com

Update: We are so excited for our winter puppies. I also hope for a litter in Summer 2018.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Puppy Lodgings

I thought that our two families at the beach might like to see their puppies in their 'vacation' lodgings.   We put their pen in our front office, so they would never be without our companionship.  As you can see the computer is a popular spot...so they usually have someone right there with them.

For their setup, I went ahead and attached each puppy's crate to the pen, so they would have access to their familiar bedding.  But they actually choose to sleep together, anyway...which is to be expected.  The puppies look pretty happy being back in a familiar spot.  Their appetites are great, and they look perfectly content.

Teaching your puppy to follow you

During the first several months that you have your puppy you will notice that your puppy likes to follow you about.  This is a natural protective instinct in all puppies.  It is important that you capitalize on this important time to teach your puppy that you are the leader.

Take your puppy to a safe place.  If she starts to walk away from you, run in the opposite direction.  Praise her when she catches up.  Walk about casually, and let her get distracted.  When she isn't looking try to hide from her.  That is what I did with our dogs.  They learned very quickly that I would ditch them, if they didn't pay attention.  (they hate that)  Of course I waited for them to get older before I started actually hiding from them.  Now I know that where ever we go, they will not try to run away.  They always keep close by even on long wooded walks.
Shy in a the back yard

When the puppies are boarding with me I take advantage of this time to teach them that they need to look out for their leader.  I live in a very safe place for this excercise.  We are over a mile from any kind of road traffic....and our own backyard is at least an acre, fenced on 3 sides.  So every time I take the puppies out for a walk, I walk them off leash and up our back yard path.  It is a long walk to our back gate.  The puppies are insecure in this unfamiliar area and keep so close to me that I have to be careful not to step on them.  But the important thing is they are learning to follow me and let me be the leader.

Look at the ears on the pups...you can see they are not too confident!

The gate is getting close now...and the puppies still are keeping their eye on me.

Our gate is in the back corner of our yard.  I built it nice and tall...so bears and foxes wouldn't come to visit.
Just outside our gate, the woodland path is wide and safe.
I can see right away that the puppies are sticking to me like glue, so after trying this for a few days I am confident I can take them on longer wooded walks.

(on the left)  Maya does not want me to get behind her.

The 300 acres of woods behind our house is far from vehicles.  The path is nice and large, and the puppies stick to it.  It is the middle of the day, the larger wild life is laying low.   We have a nice easy walk through the woods and the puppies enjoy follow along with me, Toby and Dixie.

 Look at Maya....she just sits and waits every time I go to take a picture.  That's a great habit Maya!

Maya is not going anywhere without me!

Morelka likes to play with Dixie

Little Pups in the Big Woods

Our dogs absolutely love the chance to stretch their legs!

Puppies on Vacation...at our House!!!

Morelka gives Dixie a kiss
This week we have the pleasure of having Maya and Morelka back with us for a visit.  Two of our families were heading to the Outer Banks on Saturday, and since I am not far off the beaten trail, it made sense for them to board their puppies with us.  We know the puppies, and the puppies know us, so they are perfectly happy and at home here.

Maya is thrilled to be with her Mama again!

We LOVE it when puppies come back to us for a visit.  Everyone in the family enjoys it.  My kids keep asking if we can buy back a puppy.  Don't worry folks....we won't keep your puppy!  But we do love them that much:)

The two sisters are always together.  They enjoy wrestling with one another.
Morelka (Sugar)
Maya races about the lawn.

Morelka is excited to stretch her legs!
My favorite part of visits is seeing the happy reunion between Dixie and her puppies.  They have a special bond and affection that is still very strong.  You can see it in the photos.  It is pure JOY!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Webster goes home!

Last Friday morning, Teddy Webster went to his new home.   Since Bear had left on Wednesday, Teddy was an only puppy for just a few more days.

Teddy Webster was a little sad when Bear left him.  I put his pen in our hallway next to the kitchen so he could be in the middle of all the action.   But he knew he had no more litter mates...and he was sad.   He cried at first while I cleaned the kitchen.  Then I noticed Dixie jumped in his pen to keep him company and he stopped crying and went to sleep.   When he woke up from his nap and wanted some love, I would have the kids hold him while reading books or watching TV.....and sometimes he just played with Toby and Dixie in our office room.   I closed the doors and put the litter box in the middle of the room, so he wouldn't have an accident.  He did great! 

But Friday came along very quickly and soon his new Mom and Dad had come for him.  I was happy to see how well he looked in their arms.  I know he will be greatly loved and enjoyed.  Here are his pictures of Teddy right before he left for his new home.   Be a good boy Teddy Webster!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bear in his new home!

Bear's family came to take him home on Wednesday morning (yesterday).  They have already sent me some awesome photos of Bear at home...and an update as well!

From Bear's family:

bear is sound asleep in his crate.  perfect day.  on the way home, bear sat on dd (dear daughter)#1's lap, who was in between dd#2 and dd#3.  no issues, but the ride was less than an hour . . . and he was snuggled in the blanket you gave us w/ his sibs' scent on it.  once home, bear helped us clean up the large backyard after last week's storm, and enjoyed chewing on some of the fallen limbs (see pic).  our large backyard is fenced, so bear wasn't on leash, but followed us everywhere on one of our heels.  the girls really soaked that up!  we moved to the front yard and tried the leash, but all he did was chew it . . . and it seemed like it would be a hopeless cause.  we tried again a couple hours later, and he tolerated it enough that we were able to walk; the girls even ran at one point, and we saw how fast bear can book!  

 bear responds to "sit" and uses the litter box like a champ.  he let us know that he needed to do #1 (3 times) and #2 (once) by becoming very fussy . . . when placed in his pen, he did his business in the pan.  the girls didn't want to leave him alone, but to give him a rest we went out to eat to celebrate his adoption, and the girls hit the pool late at night for about an hour.  he's sleeping on the mat you gave us w/ his sibs' scent on it -- that's how we got him to lie down in the crate (he actually pulled out the dog bed we had in the crate).  i sure hope that when i replace the litter box w/ fresh litter (v. the used bag you gave us w/ his sibs' scent on it), it'll smell a LOT better!  all in all, a great day.  

dd#1 kept saying that she waited 4 years for this day.  dd#2 said that owning a puppy is sooo easy and doesn't understand why ppl have told her it would be hard (i think she said this about an hour after bear's being home).  and dd#3 was always afraid of dogs before meeting dixie-x-yogi's offspring.  they're all loving bear; he's going to be so spoiled.  my only complaint so far is that my girls refer to themselves as bear's moms, and me as "grandma" . . . i'm way too young to be grandma material! 

---Bear's MOM    (one of four:)

Thank you so much for the awesome photos and the great update!   I just love to hear how much fun the girls hare having and how well Bear is doing!  I am so pleased that you are learning to read Bear's cues from the beginning!  You are going to have a great puppy because I can tell you will train Bear really well!    Thanks again!           --Mary 

I couldn't have asked for a better family!

Transitioning Your Puppy to a NEW Litter Box

I tried to explain litter box transitions to everyone when they visited...but I know that sometimes it is better to have things written down.    So here are some ideas to help set your puppy up for success with his or her new litter box...

Your puppy (along with ALL his siblings) has been consistently using the litter box at our home since he/she could walk.  That does not guarantee that he will recognize your plastic box as a potty spot.  Your puppy will have to LEARN that your plastic box is his/her new litter box.  To help your puppy to understand his new potty spot you will need the following: 

Ideally you would use a similar plastic box as we have here, with the same kind of wood pellets, with the same smell of urine (a sprinkle of used puppy litter would do the trick.)

When you empty your litter box, do NOT wash it!  You need to have some of the odor remain…or at least keep a tiny bit of used litter in the box when you add the fresh litter.  The smell only needs to be subtle…as puppies have a very acute nose.  I don’t want you to have a stinky home!   I always empty our litter box if I start to smell it….and I always pick up and flush the puppy poops down the toilet, as soon as I see them. 

If you use a cat litter box, make sure the sides are low on one side so your puppy can easily get in.   If you use wood pellets, you will want to transition to paper pellets to reduce the amount of sawdust that tracks onto your puppies paws.   But transition to paper pellets gradually by adding a little more to the box every day.

If you start with a new paper pellets instead of wood pellets then be prepared to spend more time getting the puppy use to his new litter.  The paper litter smells nothing like the wood pellets.  You will need to make sure your puppy has no opportunity to pee anywhere else but in his new litter.   Use a very small pen…or lock him in his crate for naps and put him in his litter box as soon as he wakes up.

In the House:
Confine your puppy in a pen or small area and put him in the litter box after every play time, or nap.  Don’t give your puppy a chance to pee anywhere but in his litter box for the first few days. Your puppy should adopt his new litter box within the first few days and start using it reliably.  

Your puppy should not be allowed to run freely around the house.   If he does, he may not be able to get back to the litter box in time.  He will have an accident and then you are setting yourself up for future potty accidents.

If you want your puppy to follow you around the house…have him on a leash so you will see when he needs to go to the potty.

For the first several months I recommend that your puppy be kept in his pen when you cannot be with him.  When you are playing with him inside, keep him in a single room with a litter box within a few feet of him.  

Beginning Outdoor Potty Training:
When to begin outdoor potty training is an individual decision based on your lifestyle.  I would at least wait for your puppy to become adjusted to your new home (perhaps the first week).  After that you can start a out door potty training schedule.   You may wish to keep the litter box in the house to avoid in door potty accidents.   I would also recommend using your litter box at night time so your puppy doesn't wake you up to go.  But feel free to do what seems right for your family and your puppy.

When does a puppy gain full bladder control?
Your puppies bladder is still very immature and does not yet have full control.  He will not be capable holding his bladder reliably until he/she is 7 months old.  That is the age that most dog owners find that their dog is fully reliable with outdoor potty training. At that age, most dogs can hold their bladder for several hours.

Puppy Potty Training is about Owner Training!
Your puppy wants to use the potty in his designated potty spots….but it is up to you to make that easy for him.   When puppies have accidents it is NOT the fault of the puppy, but it is usually the owner who did not set the pup up for success.  Make sure your puppy always has EASY access to his litter box.  Learn to recognize your puppies signs when he has to go potty!  Use a schedule with outdoor potty training so you learn to recognize the natural potty times of your puppy.

If your home was previously occupied with a dog or cat that urinated on the carpets or flooring…you may have more difficulty training your puppy.   Do not let your puppy frequent carpeted areas with previous pet stains…he will smell ammonia and think it is OK to pee there.  There are many Enzyme cleaners on the market that are suppose to neutralize pet odors…but it is very difficult to get the smell out completely…especially if it has soaked through to the padding under the carpet. It is better to keep your puppy away from the smelly carpet as much as you are able until your puppy is fully reliable and has a mature bladder. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You think they're excited?

Here are some girls on vacation in Florida a few days ago... I think they are anxious to pick up their puppy when they get home!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A letter from Buddy's Mom!

Hi Mary,

My daughter and my granddaughter were as excited at Buddy's arrival as we were. When we returned home there was an "It's a Boy!" balloon on our mailbox and a bag of treats for Buddy on our kitchen counter. Buddy will meet his extended family today.

We are smitten with Buddy and his antics. He loves us already and comes to his name! He has played a game of fetch; shook hands sort of, and is curious about everything. Buddy is a budding genius! He has settled into our bedroom with crate and litter box, and has slept on the floor through both nights being wakened for his bathroom breaks. Buddy has not stayed in the crate at night yet, but prefers sleeping in Carl’s pants (I keep mine picked up)! Buddy does not really use the litter box but pee pees immediately when taken outside. Poops are found on the floor so far – we have hopes for the litter box for poops. 

Hmm he may not yet understood that your litter box is the same as the one at our house.  Be sure to sprinkle some smelly litter in there...he needs the familiar smell.   Hopefully he makes that adjustment soon...(Mary)

One of the treats was The Original Freeze Dried Training Treat by Stewart. It is 100% pure chicken liver treats for dogs. Buddy went wild when I gave him less than a thimble so when he didn't seem to be interested in his dog food at first I sprinkled a tiny, tiny bit on his food and Buddy gobbled it down. I recommend it! 

Thanks for the recommendation!   I know a lot of trainers recommend liver treats.  I will keep an eye out for them, since I don't have anything yet that I luv.  Are they at Petsmart? (Mary)

I was very surprised that Rosie Pig was so jealous when we showed her Buddy. Rosie had never really shown us much emotion or even a whole lot of affection. She has never had a problem with other dogs or our cat, but did not want to play with Buddy or compete with Buddy for our attention. Truthfully, she wanted to bite Buddy but of course we will not let that happen. She did bite me and Carl much to our complete surprise. We are giving Rosie LOTS of attention and showing her that her place in our home and hearts is not threatened. Rosie spends most of the day sleeping on the back porch and rooting in the back yard. Their routines are such that they can enjoy their spaces without feeling threatened so Buddy and Rosie are coexisting without too much of a problem! I think they will become close friends when Buddy is bigger. 

I cannot wait for Buddy and Rosie Pig to be friends....some day I want a photo of Buddy and Piggy in peaceful slumber....like the lion and the lamb!  (Mary)

I'll send photos soon! Thank you so much for the wonderful training and Buddy's great schedule. We are a very happy family!

Thanks for this update!   I think everyone following the blog loves to hear updates on the puppies a home! (Mary)

From Buddy's Mom

Copper / Oscar Goes Home!

Look at my beautiful new name tag!
On Monday Copper went home with his new mom.   His mom named him Oscar...I think he looks like an Oscar!

I am especially happy for Oscar because his Mom is friends with Maya's mom.  They plan to get together for a walk on Wednesday evenings.   It will be really fun for the the two sibling pups to have that change to play.  They will be best friends for life.

I will miss Oscar's spunk!  He was a lively pup for sure.  Have a fun time in your new home Oscar!  

Sorry the humidity was making my lens fog really badly here!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ruby at home!

Just look at those eyes!   It will surely be hard to say 'no' to Ruby!
Hi Mary,

Just wanted to update you to let you know that Ruby is doing wonderful.  
Our trip to Hanover, PA couldn't have went smoother. Ruby didn't cry at all. 
I think she was exhausted from playing with her brothers and sister, that she 
slept at least half of the way home. When she was awake, she just laid in my 
lap and gave kisses. We stopped twice for her to go to the bathroom, and she 
peed the one time. The trip home couldn't have gone any better!

Since we've been home, she seems very happy and content. We have been giving 
her plenty of attention, but leave her alone when she needs to eat and rest. She's 
been doing pretty good with using either the dog litter box or the outside. She's been 
taking naps in her cage, and slept in it from 11:00PM-5:30AM. Her cage was near my 
bed, so that if she woke up I would be near her. As I'm writing this email, she is napping 
in her cage. She's been eating and drinking well, and loves all of her toys. We couldn't be 
more happy with our little Ruby! She loves following us everywhere and enjoys laying on 
our laps :). 

Thank you again for doing an excellent job of being their "puppy mom". You can really 
tell the quality of care the puppies were given.

Best wishes to you and your family!

---Ruby's Mom

Thank you so much for your update and your kind words.    We are all so happy to know that Ruby is doing well.  Thank you for giving Ruby such a wonderful home!  ----Mary

Question on Loss of Appetite

Dear Mary, 

The first two nights have gone very well so far. Maya is slowly getting used to her litter box, and a couple times the floor right next to it.  One concern though is she doesn't have much of an appetite.  She is only eating about 1/3 of a cup of food each day so far.  She seems to enjoy eating in her crate but I don't want to make that a habit.   Any advice?  Thanks

---Maya's dad

So glad that Maya is doing good at nighttime.   If she misses the litter box, just be sure to clean the spot very well.  The nice thing about a puppy pad is that it can be washed well.  Floors can be cleaned as well.  An enzymatic cleaner like ‘Natures Miracle’ will do well to reduce all traces of the urine smell on a floor.   Just note that puppies are distractable…and sometimes they are heading for the litter box, and just don’t get there in time.

As for mealtime….It is most common for puppies (and older dogs too)to lose their appetite for 3-4 days in a new home.    I would recommend soaking your puppy's food in water (for 30 min) before dinner time.   The soft food will go down quicker and easier.   You can also mix the food with some canned food for the first week.   The canned food is VERY fragrant and extra tasty.    Puppy will have a harder time turning their nose up on the smelly canned food.   (I used Innova canned food when the pups first started eating and they loved it.   You can also go to the pet store and ask for their recommendation for the highest quality puppy food they offer)   I would use too much new food since it is important not to change the food too much.   Just put enough in her food to add some extra flavor and smell.

You also can treat Maya with a few 'Gerber Lil Sticks'  (sold in Baby food section of Grocery store).  There are few preservatives in these chicken sticks made for toddlers.   The idea is to give your puppy some extra protein and nutrition just long enough to get her through this stressful time.

Most puppies and dogs will start eating well again after 3-4 days.   Just make sure that Maya is eating something and drinking water.   Frequent small snacks will help your pup get through this adjustment.   Then you can switch to dry food after a week when the appetite is better.   

If Maya stops eating completely, starts vomiting, is not drinking, or looks lethargic, then it would be a good idea to visit the veterinary.   Just use common sense in this.   Dehydration or Low blood sugar are the greatest dangers in these first few days.

If she eats better in the crate, it is because she/he is feeling more secure in the crate.   Go ahead and let her eat in the crate for this first week.   Believe me it will not be a hard habit to break.   When her appetite kicks in gear puppy will eat ANYWHERE you put the food bowl. 

Hope these tips help!   Thanks for giving Maya such a loving home!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sugar/ Morelka Goes to her home

So what do you call a cute little apricot puppy?  How about 'Morelka', which means 'cute little apricot' in Polish.   Sugar was given a new name by her new family who all speak Polish!

Today is a hot one, 101 degrees on my thermometer.   We wanted Morelka to have a chance to run about before her road trip to Arlington, VA....but it soon got too unbearably hot....and we moved our visit into our family room.   Here are some photos of our visit....

Looks like Morelka will always have a cozy lap!

Every boy needs a puppy!

Be a good girl, Morelka!

Ruby Rose goes to her new home

 This morning we said goodbye to Ruby Rose.   She is traveling all the way to Hanover, PA.  She already has a lovely assortment of adorable puppy toys....in a red theme!   And just look at the adorable red collar complete with a tag that says 'Ruby'!  We'll miss you Ruby, but it is clear you will be greatly loved!

Look at my new collar and 'Ruby' tag!