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Welcome to our blog! I am a small hobby breeder of Schnoodle puppies. My Schnoodles are a cross of the White Schnauzer with a Red Poodle. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We have 4 breeding females and sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for hobby breeders.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)

They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Question on Loss of Appetite

Dear Mary, 

The first two nights have gone very well so far. Maya is slowly getting used to her litter box, and a couple times the floor right next to it.  One concern though is she doesn't have much of an appetite.  She is only eating about 1/3 of a cup of food each day so far.  She seems to enjoy eating in her crate but I don't want to make that a habit.   Any advice?  Thanks

---Maya's dad

So glad that Maya is doing good at nighttime.   If she misses the litter box, just be sure to clean the spot very well.  The nice thing about a puppy pad is that it can be washed well.  Floors can be cleaned as well.  An enzymatic cleaner like ‘Natures Miracle’ will do well to reduce all traces of the urine smell on a floor.   Just note that puppies are distractable…and sometimes they are heading for the litter box, and just don’t get there in time.

As for mealtime….It is most common for puppies (and older dogs too)to lose their appetite for 3-4 days in a new home.    I would recommend soaking your puppy's food in water (for 30 min) before dinner time.   The soft food will go down quicker and easier.   You can also mix the food with some canned food for the first week.   The canned food is VERY fragrant and extra tasty.    Puppy will have a harder time turning their nose up on the smelly canned food.   (I used Innova canned food when the pups first started eating and they loved it.   You can also go to the pet store and ask for their recommendation for the highest quality puppy food they offer)   I would use too much new food since it is important not to change the food too much.   Just put enough in her food to add some extra flavor and smell.

You also can treat Maya with a few 'Gerber Lil Sticks'  (sold in Baby food section of Grocery store).  There are few preservatives in these chicken sticks made for toddlers.   The idea is to give your puppy some extra protein and nutrition just long enough to get her through this stressful time.

Most puppies and dogs will start eating well again after 3-4 days.   Just make sure that Maya is eating something and drinking water.   Frequent small snacks will help your pup get through this adjustment.   Then you can switch to dry food after a week when the appetite is better.   

If Maya stops eating completely, starts vomiting, is not drinking, or looks lethargic, then it would be a good idea to visit the veterinary.   Just use common sense in this.   Dehydration or Low blood sugar are the greatest dangers in these first few days.

If she eats better in the crate, it is because she/he is feeling more secure in the crate.   Go ahead and let her eat in the crate for this first week.   Believe me it will not be a hard habit to break.   When her appetite kicks in gear puppy will eat ANYWHERE you put the food bowl. 

Hope these tips help!   Thanks for giving Maya such a loving home!


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