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Welcome to our blog! I am a small hobby breeder of Schnoodle puppies. My Schnoodles are a cross of the White Schnauzer with a Red Poodle. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We have 4 breeding females and sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for hobby breeders.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)

They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!

We sell our puppies through our Waiting list. We do not post them on the blog for purchase. If you wish to be contacted with updates on the next litter email me at GrowingPuppies@gmail.com

Update: We are so excited for our winter puppies. I also hope for a litter in Summer 2018.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Little Girl - 13 days old

This little puppy we call Honey.   We named her Honey, because she is the color of honey and extra sweet as well:)  

Honey is an even color tone over her whole body.   She has extra soft fur with just a bit of wave to it.  No doubt she will have curlier fur as she gets older.

Honey's eyes are just starting to open.  She cannot see fully yet, but as her eyes open she will see light and blurry forms.  Her eyes will quickly adjust over this next week to where she will be able to see much better.

Honey is super sweet and calm.  She seems to like it when we pet her.  She is also very she quiet at this point in her life.   She sleeps 90% of the day as she is still growing tremendously.

The puppies doubled their birth weight in the first week.  It is not surprising that at almost 2 weeks old they look quite a bit bigger .

The first few weeks of a puppies life is called the Neonatal Stage of Development.  Their eyes and ears are closed.   They rely almost exclusively on their sense of smell.   And their smell is very keen.   They can smell Misty and scoot over to her very easily.   They seem to know as soon as she comes into the box.   You would think they could actually see her!   We are excited for their eyes and ears to open so they can start exploring their world!

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