Welcome to Our Puppy Blog!

Welcome to our blog! We breed Schnoodle puppies from White Schnauzers with Red Poodles. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for small breeders.

Our current SCHNOODLE LITTER was born on Sept 29, 2014.
We only had 2 puppies this time...and they are sold. I am taking names for the Waiting list for the next litter.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)
They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!.............. Growing.Puppies@yahoo.com

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Funny Moments with Nursing Puppies!

       It is pretty funny watching the fat little puppies nursing.  They are rather noisy, they often nurse in very funny positions.   But the funniest thing I've seen was watching Misty earlier this week.   I could tell you about it.....but I might as well show you!

While Misty stretches on her back, the puppies are not deterred from nursing!

Isn't that hilarious!   I have never seen a dog nurse their puppies that way...but it didn't seem to hold those puppies back!   

Coco is in the corner looking on.  She seems very curious about this whole puppy thing.

 Of course, once Misty noticed Coco was hanging around, she had to get up.

 Misty's intense stair tells Coco that she does not appreciate an audience.     

Misty is actually getting much better about her over-protective attitude.   She actually does allow Coco to check out the puppies now and then...but as you can see, she still supervises every visit very closely.  She is a very good mother!
Coco can look....but is closely supervised.
There is something cute and funny happening every day.  My little boys are calling me over all the time to take a picture.  Mostly I can't get my camera out fast enough.   I was lucky to catch these moments on film.

3 week old Schnoodles!

Sparky is 20 days old now!
           The third week is a very exiting time in the life a puppy.   As the sense of sight and sound come alive for the litter, the little puppies change dramatically.  We could see the puppies eyes opening more and more through out the week.   But the most exciting thing happened on Friday.  I came in the front door and all the dogs were barking excitedly.  All of a sudden I heard a little Tigger....Grrrrooo!   I looked over to the Whelping Box and Honey and Sparky were testing out their vocal chords, tails wagging with excitement, ...and Honey trying to climb over the edge of the whelping box!

When the older dogs started barking, Honey thought she could join in the fun.

The puppies wanted to join in the excitement!   This was the first strong evidence that they were hearing with their ears and seeing with their eyes.   They were imitating the older dogs.

Over the last few days I have also noticed the puppies starting to play with one another.  They are slow and pathetic.  But that makes it even more adorable!

A first wresting match.  Honey has the advantage....

.....but Sparky shows he is pretty tough stuff.
Sparky tries to bite Honey, but not having teeth, Honey is not impressed.
The puppy experience never gets old for me.   I love it!   Watching the puppies meet new milestones is always such a thrill!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Little Girl - 13 days old

This little puppy we call Honey.   We named her Honey, because she is the color of honey and extra sweet as well:)  

Honey is an even color tone over her whole body.   She has extra soft fur with just a bit of wave to it.  No doubt she will have curlier fur as she gets older.

Honey's eyes are just starting to open.  She cannot see fully yet, but as her eyes open she will see light and blurry forms.  Her eyes will quickly adjust over this next week to where she will be able to see much better.

Honey is super sweet and calm.  She seems to like it when we pet her.  She is also very she quiet at this point in her life.   She sleeps 90% of the day as she is still growing tremendously.

The puppies doubled their birth weight in the first week.  It is not surprising that at almost 2 weeks old they look quite a bit bigger .

The first few weeks of a puppies life is called the Neonatal Stage of Development.  Their eyes and ears are closed.   They rely almost exclusively on their sense of smell.   And their smell is very keen.   They can smell Misty and scoot over to her very easily.   They seem to know as soon as she comes into the box.   You would think they could actually see her!   We are excited for their eyes and ears to open so they can start exploring their world!

Our Little Boy - 13 days old

This is Sparky,  My kids call him Sparky because he has a little lightening strike on his forehead.  He also has a white chest.

He is now 13 days old.  His eyes will be opening very soon.  He is already twice as big as when he was born.

He is very calm and quiet when we hold him.  He does not seem to mind.  Sometimes you can see his little nose twitching as he takes in new smells.

Sparky is still in the Neonatal Stage of Development (birth through 14 days),  At this stage the most crucial needs for the pups are warmth and food.  The puppies are not able to regulate their body temperature yet.   We keep the house warm (about 75 degrees) and I have a puppy Microwave Heating Pad in the box, in case a puppy needs it.  I can tell the puppies are comfortable because they are quiet when they sleep, yet actively find their mamma when they want to nurse.  They do not curl up in a ball, seeking warmth from one another, so I know the room is warm enough.

I am so happy we have almost reached the 2 week milestone!    Once their eyes open they will enter the Transitional stage of development (2-4 weeks)  which is characterized by greater mobility, and the ability to explore his world.   The puppies get cuter and cuter everyday.  We cannot wait to watch them  start to enjoy their sense of sight and hearing during this coming week.

Monday, October 6, 2014

One happy mama!

Misty is sure enjoying her little babies and is being such a perfect Mama for her first time.  She stays with them day and night, nursing, cleaning and adoring them.  
Puppies are getting nice and fat.  There is no waiting in line at this Dairy Queen!

Such a good attentive Mommy!

Misty does not like to leave their side.  But every now and then she has a burst of excited energy in which she runs around to different people in the house looking us with a sparkle in her eyes, and grinning from ear to ear as if to say, "Come take a look!   I have BABIES!"

"Come look!  I have babies!'

She doesn't mind if me or the kids hold her puppies for a few minutes.  But she is very protective when it comes to the other dogs.   If the dogs get too close to her litter she may even get irritable and snappy with them.   They seem to know they are not welcome and tip toe around when they are in the nursery.  

Coco!  No means NO!  You cannot see my babies.
Coco is not the Diva anymore.  Misty is ruling the nest now!  Poor Coco.  She likes the babies.  They smell nice.  She just wants to take a quick peek.

Friday, October 3, 2014

My new whelping box cover!

The day that Misty came into labor I was busy finishing her Whelping Box Cover.  This is a fleece covering which covers the cheapo plastic kiddie pool that we use for the puppies when they are first born.   I don't actually use it for labor and delivery, as it would get pretty soiled.  I line the Kiddie Pool with newspaper for whelping.  But once the puppies are born, it is important to have a cozy cover to put over the plastic Kiddie Pool.
The new Kiddie Pool Cover is warm and cozy!

I don't actually like to sew.   But I am motivated to go through the trouble by the benefits in the finished product.   The most important aspect of this cover is its safety.  Mama dogs tend to scratch their bedding a lot to get comfortable.   This can move a loose blanket around quite a bit and be a danger to the puppies who crawl underneath and get suffocated.  This Whelping Cover is secured around the lip with elastic which makes it impossible for a puppy to get under it.  And it securely stays in place even if mama scratches it.

Misty and puppies have plenty of room to stretch and grow!

The floor of my whelping cover is made of Sherling Fur.  The fur keeps puppies warm....which is imperative for a newborn.  It allows liquids to pass through and the puppies stay dry.  The Sherling also provides good traction for the little puppy claws so they can crawl about easily and develop strong leg muscles.

The puppies can stay in the whelping pool box for the first few weeks of life.   When they start to be able to walk, I will move them to the pen so they can start using their Ugodog potty.

I haven't seen any commercial suppliers for this cover, and there are no patterns available as far as I can see.  So I had to create my own pattern.   It worked out perfectly and I am super happy with the results!   Now to make a few more so I can trade them off for washing.....

Dew Claws Removed!

Yesterday we had the puppies dew claws removed.  The little girl had dew claws removed from the front paws and the back paws.  The little boy only had dew claws on the back paws.   It is interesting that some puppies have more dew claws then others.  It is just a difference in genetics.  
Honey sleeps like an angel even after having dew claws removed.

Both puppies did not seem bothered by the little procedure.   That is why we remove them at 2-3 days old.  Because they are so young, the dew claw is nothing more than a little tab of skin with a tiny claw.   Nerves have not developed in the area yet.  They are snipped away with scissors and the tiny wound stops bleeding in minutes and heals within a few days.
Sparky is the little bruiser who took his time coming into this world!

Why do I remove Dew Claws?  Dew claws can be an annoyance for a puppy.  They can be a very painful injury if they get caught in rugs.   They are also a maintenance issue since if they need to be clipped or they will keep growing.  It is worth removing them while it is easy to do.

When puppies get older removing dew claws is much more involved, requiring stitches, anesthesia and several weeks of healing.  If the dew claws are still present on an older puppy, it is best to leave them in place.   After the first week of life, the pain and difficulty involved with removing dew claws outweighs the risk to the puppy.

I am glad my puppies have natural tails and ears, because they are such an adorable part of a puppy.  Plus they help the puppy communicate with their owners.   A tail also is used by a dog for balance.   But dew claws do not serve any purpose.   It is worth removing the dew claws within the first few days after birth to avoid any potential problem that they could create later on.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Misty has Delivered!

It seems every birth story is different in some way....but this is one was so unlike the others, I thought I would share it as it happened so you will appreciate our wonderful news as much as do!

The day started out as I might expect so close to a due date.   Misty refused her kibble, was restless, hiding when she had the chance, asking to go outside, only to run right back so she could scratch vigorously behind a chair.  I put up with this for only so long before I confined her in the whelping room.  But she moaned so pitifully I had to let her out every now and then   Misty is not normally a complainer.  It was hard to listen to her groan.   

I spent the day keeping an eye on Misty while I sewed a cover for her whelping box.  By the time dinner came around Misty was quietly accepting her fate as she hid in the back of her Crate in the Whelping room.  With all the commotion of dinner dishes and taking care of the kids, it wasn't until 8pm that I was able to check on Misty again.   As I crouched over to peer into her the back of the large plastic crate, I was surprised to see she was in the midst of hard labor.   The puppy was clearly full down in the birth canal, but the bag of water was not yet showing..  I watched through several minutes of hard pushing fully expecting a puppy to pop out at any time.  How disappointing it was when the contractions paused and the puppy slid back inside.  

I let everyone in the house know that Misty was in active labor and we needed to be left alone.   I was not going to leave Misty's side, now.  I got my paperwork ready to start timing contractions.....but it seemed they were one after another.  Occasionally Misty's body would take a break and she would close her eyes.  But it seemed to drag on and on with no progress.  Around 10 am, she seemed thoroughly exhausted, lying on her side, her stomach contracting one after another and no puppy..

This is not the way it usually happens.  With continued straining the bag of water should be forced out within 15 minutes.  Misty looked tired....but was not distressed.  Nonetheless, I was beginning to fear things would take a turn for the worse if I didn't act soon.   I called the Emergency Veterinary Clinic. We arrived at the office at 10:30 pm.. 

During the initial exam the veterinary was concerned to learn of Misty's hours of pushing and we could still see a puppy was partly in the birth canal.  I asked if the puppy was dead.  The veterinaries reaction upon examining Misty was not particularly reassuring.   We discussed that it was likely a C-section would be necessary.   All the potential costs and procedures were laid out.  It seemed dismal.  But I gave the green light to do whatever they needed to keep Misty safe.  He took Misty to the back room to take some X-rays.  

While we waited, my husband and I discussed the $$$ amounts for the procedure.  We talked about Misty's possible C-section  and possibly losing one or more puppies and then having to tell the kids.  These were disconcerting topics.  Heartbreaking really.   It made me very weepy.   I tried to be strong.   I started to look for a silver lining.   The money is well spent considering that we have had many healthy puppies in the past, and we would still go home with our beloved pet, Misty.   When you breed puppies over several years, you have to expect there will be an emergency at some point.  You have to accept the good with the bad.  This seemed to be our time.   

I pulled together my courage in time for the doctors return.  I was not encouraged by the news that X-rays revealed that there were only 2 puppies inside and one of them was blocking the birth of the other.   The Veterinarian had tried to help the puppy along, but he could not dislodge it.  His only option now was to prepare Misty for a C-section.

At that point I was resigned for the worst.   I sat in the waiting room imagining what was happening in the back, with Misty being cut open for her C section.  I didn't expect the veterinary to come back quite so soon but all of a sudden, there he was.   He said that one puppy was delivered....but it was still struggling to breathe.  "OK", I thought, "let's pray he lives!"  Then the vet left us.   I was still hoping for something positive, but resigned for the worst..  I imagined we had lost a puppy, but at least one puppy was hanging on to life.

As I sat and waited it was hard to think straight.  My body was weary and my mind was confused.  Soon my imaginations were interrupted once more.   The Vet Technician appeared and announced that we had a boy and a girl!  What?!?   A boy AND a girl!  I thought we only had two puppies and one had died!   No.  The Tech explained that when the doctor tried to dislodge the puppy, even though it didn't budge, something went right.  Because right after he left to discuss the C section with us, Misty delivered the puppy on her own!  The Vet Tech described how overjoyed she was that as she wiped away the mucous, she saw the puppy gasp for air!  He was alive!   That is when the doctor came back to tell us we had a puppy.  I wish he had made it clear that it was our first first puppy and that he had NOT done the C section....but I suppose in the end all went well and that is what matters.    And of course, after that first puppy came out, Misty's second puppy delivered much more easily.

So in the end, Misty's Emergency visit came out with the best possible outcome.    Misty delivered her puppies naturally.   She did not have a C section.  Both puppies are fat and nursing well!   And yes, we still have the ER bill....but it is less than half the cost of the C section.  It is a small price to pay for a healthy Mama and puppies.    God is Good!   My prayers were answered!

Misty is home now enjoying her little babies and just like all good Moms she seems to have forgotten what it took to get here.  She stays with them day and night, nursing, cleaning and adoring them.  At this point she will not leave their side....except every now and then she has a burst of excited energy in which she runs around to different people in the house looking us with a sparkle in her eyes, and grinning from ear to ear as if to say, "Come take a look!   I have BABIES!"

Left, Apricot girl Schnoodle.  Right Apricot boy Schnoodle.

Misty cleaning up her pups early this morning.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Getting the Nursery ready!

I was looking at the calendar today and started to get butterflies when I realized we are almost within a week of Misty's due date. I  need to start charting Misty's temperature regularly so I have no surprises.

Somehow I feel like Misty is going to be late like Dixie was for her last litter.  I am putting more confidence in the date given by her second breeding.  But I still have to get all the whelping supplies ready now.  The list of supplies is very long....old sheets, towels, thermometer, syringe, scale, scissors, string, etc.

I am also reading up on all the whelping information to be sure I am well prepared for the unexpected.  It is always important for me to reeducate myself every time we get close to a whelping.   It has been over a year since I last prepared!

One of the exciting things I did this summer to make our puppy space better was to redecorate the office/puppy room.   The old room still had the dingy carpet from the house when it was first built.  It needed replacing 12 years ago!  It has been long overdo for me to rip out the old carpet and put in a waterproof flooring.  I thought about real wood....but spending all that money for puppies to pee on it, did not sound like a good choice.   I researched and researched and discovered a new product called Allure Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring (sold by Home Depot).  It is made of vinyl but comes in planks and is made to look like wood.  It was given very high ratings by people with dogs.  I liked that!  But another big selling point is that it is super easy for someone with no experience (like me) to install.  It literally only took one afternoon to put in!  ....The only draw back as I can see, is it does look a bit fake next to my real hardwood in the foyer.  But I put a Seagrass Area Rug on it to give some warmth and I really don't notice it anymore.   I am thrilled with the results.  Of course, the area rug will be removed during the 2 months when are puppies are using the room.   But it makes the room feel cozy for the rest of the year.

Here is the room BEFORE the redecorating.  .

Our dingy old office needed a puppy friendly facelift!

Here is the room AFTER the redecorating......

Repainted, new flooring, a new rug...white paint freshens up the book case and desk.  Both desks were bought for a steal on Craigslist!

Since I only have a few litters a year, my room has to fulfill a dual purpose.  This is our computer room, homework room, library, office.   And when we have puppies it transforms into the nursery.

I already put an extra large crate in the back corner of the room for Misty to nest in.  Dogs seek out quiet corners to have their litters...Hopefully this spot isn't too bright for her.   She also would love to hide in the office closet.  I don't plan to have her whelp in either of these spaces.  I find a baby pool works best as a whelping box.  But at least if Misty hides in the crate or closet , she will be in the right room.

During the last week, I will enclose Misty in the office room if I have to leave the house and especially during the night.  If she happened to have her puppies without my knowing....at least there would be no damage to carpets or bedding in the office. The worst thing of all would be for her to whelp under my daughters bed....and so far she's been climbing under there a lot.  

I am so glad to have a fresh space for my puppy nursery!  And there is plenty of room for the puppy pens too.  I just won't put those up until the puppies have arrived.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Updating the Waiting List for Misty's Litter

Are you on the Waiting List for Misty's Litter? 
Please check to see if you are on the Waiting List by looking at the Waiting List page.  If you are on the list, now is the time to email me again to confirm that you are still interested in purchasing a puppy.


Some people have been on this list for a very LONG time....so it really is important to know if they still want a puppy.    There are some people who gave me the name of a family member for the Waiting List.   Those people need to make sure that family member who wants to buy the puppy contacts me directly.   I  will not keep anyone on the Waiting list who does not contact me directly.  I will not sell to third parties.   I will be interviewing each person by phone before I sell them a puppy.
One of our Schnoodle babies photographed by Lori Elizabeth photography.

To remain on the Waiting list I need the following information in an email:   
Phone number:   (I will interview by phone the first 7 people)
Puppy Gender:  (let me know if you are open to the other gender if your first choice is not available.)
Do you wish to stay on the list if a puppy is not available?  

I will be making phone interviews for the first 7 people who contact me on the Waiting List.  If you are first on the list and do not email me, I will try to reach you, but will go to the next person if I am unable to reach you.

Please do not email me at this time if you are not listed on the Waiting list page for Misty's litter.   I will not be able to respond because I will be busy with the current litter customers.   

I will post a note when I am ready to open the Waiting List for the next litter.   Please wait until the announcement. 
One of our newborn Schnoodles


Updating the Waiting List:

Over the next several weeks I will make BOLD the names of the people on the Waiting List that have contacted me.   I will remove the names of those people who ask to be removed.   If I do not hear from you I will not BOLD your name or remove your name until the litter is born and I have received all the deposits.  Then I will need to remove your name if you have not contacted me.

People on the Waiting List can check the List every Saturday for revisions.  I won't update the list every day, only once a week.

My main goal in this procedure is to be fair to all those who have been waiting, and to be efficient in the process.  Thank you for sharing in the excitement of our Schnoodle litter!