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Welcome to our blog! We breed Schnoodle puppies from White Schnauzers with Red Poodles. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for small breeders.

Our next SCHNOODLE LITTER is expected in Summer 2014.
Our Waiting list is long...so I am no longer adding names for this years litters. All litter information is updated on this blog and we will make a post when the Waiting List is open again.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)
They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!.............. Growing.Puppies@yahoo.com

Monday, July 28, 2014

We have a Breeding!

This is some exciting news!  Misty, our Miniature Schnauzer, bred with Bart the Red Poodle today.  Woo hoo!   I am so excited.  

Misty came into heat last week.  I was quite surprised with that, since I was expecting Coco to come into heat first.  Since Coco was so late, I just expected Misty would be late too.  Oh well, it is just so hard to plan these things!

At this point, I am wondering if Coco just skipped a heat.  (It does happen).  I am now hoping that Misty's fertile pheromones will encourage Coco to follow her example!

Misty's pregnancy will not be confirmed for another month.   I will let you know if there are any early indications (like morning sickness).  Based on the first date of the tie, July 28, the due date for our Miniature Schnoodle litter is Sept 29.    If whelping occurs as hoped, the litter would be 8 weeks on Nov 23.   Please understand that a successful tie between dogs does not guarantee conception....But it is a crucial event....and it does give us every reason to be 

Update:  First breeding July 28.   Second Breeding July 31
So the due date is either Sept 29  or  Oct 2.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Fourth of July from Bear and his family!

I received some updated photos from Bear (2012 litter).   So good to see everyone is happy and well!  Thank you for sharing with us, Sue!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sammy's 1 year Update

This is Sammy's birthday gift from his Grandma and Grandpa

Update from Sammy's mom,

Hi Mary,

Its hard to believe the puppies are now 1 yrs old!  It feels like just yesterday I was at your house picking my little guy!  Sammy is doing great!  He has lots of friends in our building (dogs and people).  Sammy is 25 lbs and full of energy!  He loves to run around at the dog park and is unbelievably fast!  I am including some pictures for you.

Karen & Sammy

Maya (2 yrs) and Sammy (1 yr).

  What a beautiful family photo!  Pictured left to right are Debbie, Eric and Karen, with Schnoodles Maya and Sammy.  The photo was taken in Central Park on Eric and Karen's mother's birthday.   Eric and Debbie adopted Maya in 2012.  Eric's sister Karen, adopted Sammy in 2013.  So Maya and Sammy are cousin/siblings! Now how cool is that!  

Of course Sammy sleeps in my bed.
Sammys favorite toy is a water bottle.
 Thank you Karen, for the note!  I love the photos.  Sammy and Maya are so adorable.  And it is good to see you and your family are doing so well!  Best wishes to you all!   ---Mary

Update on Remy and Louie

Remy (left) and Louie (right)
Update from Remy & Louie's family:

I thought I would send an updated picture of Remy (3 yrs)  and Louie (1 yr).  Remy is 22 1/2 lbs and we are still doing agility and therapy dog activities.  Hopefully, we will get our 'Excellent' agility titles soon.  Louie is 19 1/2 lbs and has begun agility also and seems to have potential.  He is definitely a pistol and still very much a puppy but has a great disposition ans does Remy.  (So much for the most laid back of the litter!)   Remy has very soft wavy hair and Louie has more wiry fur-like hair.  He sometimes looks like Don King.  Louie is definitely the alpha dog and keeps the pot boiling.  Fortunately, Remy is OK with it.  I hope you and the dogs are doing well.  Say hi to Dixie for Remy and Louie.  She would be proud of her sons.

   Have a great summer.  ---Bob

Louie performing one of his tricks.  Awesome!!!

Hi Bob!
Thanks so much for your letter and update!  It is so good to see your handsome boys and to hear how well there training is going.  I especially love the Remy-in-the- Box trick!   Super cool!

Best wishes to you all!


Pukah's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Pukah!
A note from Pukah's family:
Hi Mary,

I can't believe the puppies are 1 year old today!  My mom made her 'grand-puppy' his very own cake today and he even has a friend over to play with.

Pukah has been an awesome addition to our family and everyone who meets him loves him.  Believe it or not, he has reached 26 lbs!  He loves to run and is faster than all the dogs he plays with and runs his 'Schnoodle 500'  in a giant loop around our yard for no other reason but to have fun.  I hope all the other brothers have had a great first year and we're looking forward to watching the next litter grow!


Hi Julie!
Thanks for your adorable photo and update.  Pukah sounds like a real joy!  I can't believe that he reached 26 lbs!  Where in the world does that size come from?   Bigger than any miniature Schnauzer I have seen, and bigger than his poodle Papa.  But there must have been some bigger poodle gene in the Papa genetics!  I have a feeling Pukah will be my biggest puppy ever. 

Thanks again, for sharing!  Best wishes to you and yours!


Happy Birthday Jackson!

The one year old, smiling in the park.
Jackson smiling.

After a run.

A note from Jackson's family:
Hi!  I hope all is well!  Here is a picture of Jackson at age 1!  I can't believe he is a year already.  He is doing great!  - smart, cute, athletic and fun (and still a little too talkative)!  No celebration today, however....the boys are away at camp so we are postponing any real celebration until they can be part of it, which won't be until the end of July.  I will send pictures of his party then!  :)

Wishing all of you well - 
Erica and Family

Mischief!  Jackson has been known to go into my purse when he wants my attention!  It works! And is a good way to show off his 'drop' skills : )

Thank so much for all your lovely photos, and your update, Erica!   Jackson is so adorable!   I will look forward to Jackson's party photos!  Lucky puppy!  ---Mary

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2 Years old! Teddy Webster Update

Hey Mary,

I have been meaning to send this update for a while....

Teddy Webster is a healthy 22 lbs at his 2 yr checkup.  The vet said that he is not overweight just seems to have developed a very broad chest which I think adds to his weight.  But when you consider that he was one of the smaller puppies, this sort of goes to show that you can only predict!  I went back in your blog to see birth weights and couldn't find them, but you did say in one post that Teddy was the smallest in the litter...and that the top of the range should be around 20 lbs.
Webster's New Haircut

Webster has been a real joy to have around, he has become a favorite of some people in the neighborhood due to his insistence on saying hello.  He won't move until he has greeted them.   He even attended a neighborhood dinner party for 20 and behaved!  He is also very smart, curious and vocal.  He has been very easy to train and we have kept the liter box available which was wonderful this winter.  He only used it once or twice, both times when the snow was taller than he was.  He also learned to wear balloon booties so his paws were protected from ice balls and all of the salt our neighborhood insists on using.  He was quite a sight with his red balloon booties and green jacket in the nose high snow.

Webster finished level one obedience and agility.  He got quite bored with the circle style of obedience training (but passed despite that!). On the other hand, he would do just about anything to get to run the agility course.  He also is a very good watchdog.  He makes sure that everyone knows he is protecting us from toads, cats, birds, delivery people and golfers.  We are working on that.  He does not really like cuddling and also does not like to sleep on the bed.  He prefers his space, which is the master bathroom.  But he does like playing on the bed, especially 'catch the hand under the covers', and is always nearby one of us.

We did have an unfortunate incident last Fall that set back his training and has made him quite timid and at the same time protective.  A large dog, whose owner couldn't control him, came after the two of us on a walk and terrified both of us.  Webster went after the dog, but the dog ended up cornering us before his owner could get him under control.  Luckily no injuries...but a big wariness around other dogs.  As a result, Webster now lets everyone he does not recognize, know he won't take any grief.  My friendly little boy grew up.  We are working on some training to help him know how to be polite to strangers and not be afraid.  It is taking a while, but seems to be slowly working.

I have attached a collage of recent pictures and one of him with his new haircut.  His color lightens considerably when he has short hair and his undercoat is very soft.  We get so many comments on his color and cuteness!

Webster is a real joy to have around and we thank you for that.  Hope this finds you all well and happy.

Susan, Rob and Webster

Teddy Webster at 8 weeks with Susan and Rob

Thank you so much, Susan for taking the time to updtate us on Webster's progress!  I love his haircut!  It is so adorable....a real Teddy Bear face!

I am so glad that Webster's training is going so well.  I am so sorry to hear about the incident with the mean dog! Sometimes bad things happen despite our best efforts.  But this is a good reminder to us all to always do our best to be aware of  what dogs are in our vicinity, so we can be avoid unruly dogs whenever possible. Thank  goodness, there were no injuries!  I am so glad you are both OK.

Thanks again!  And best wishes to you all!


Monday, June 30, 2014

Update on Timing of Next Schnoodle Litter

Loveable Coco is as cute as ever!
Hi all!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  I am sorry that I have not written an update on what is happening with the doggies lately.  I have actually been super busy redecorating the puppy/office room.  I ripped up the carpet, installed a new floor (by myself!) and got some used furniture.  I am currently in the process of painting my old bookshelf to freshen the place up a bit.  (...and it is a BIG bookshelf).  I still have a ways to go before I have completed all my ideas for the space.  But really the best part, as far as the puppies go, is that the room has waterproof flooring.  So my dogs can whelp in that room and raise their litters there.  And that AWFUL ugly carpet is no more.  Yah!   I will put up a post to show the before and after, when the room is finished.  These things take a while for me because I am doing it all myself with the help of Craigslist and several cans of paint. 

 So what is the status of our next litter?  Well, we are STILL waiting for Coco to come into heat.  It has been 8 months since her first heat....so she has longer spaces than Dixie did.  That often happens with smaller breeds.  My friend who raises Shih Tzus has 10 months between their heats. I do hope Coco is not quite that long.  But it is all up to Mother Nature!

So please be patient.  I am not checking my email too much since I doing so many things this summer.  But I will certainly let you know when I breed Coco!

Thanks for your patience!    ----Mary

...Coco loves to give kisses!

Kiss puppies NOT boys, dear daughter!

LIAM'S Best Puppy Product Picks ....and 1 year update!

Hi Mary,

Happy June!  The pups are 1 year old.  How time flies!  Liam is doing very well.  He started his Canine Good Citizen training last week.  We are hoping he will be a model citizen by the end of the summer. Ha ha!  He is still struggling a bit with the barking, but it has improved a lot over time with clicker training and the citronella bark collar.

Poor Liam got Kennel Cough from daycare in April, but it was a mild case because he had been vaccinated.  His cough lasted about a week. The vet told me the vaccine is only about 80% effective.  Liam also got his first tick bite.  Ticks are out in crazy numbers this year!  He has been vaccinated for Lyme and tested negative at the vet for Lyme as well.  Having a good vet really does put your mind at ease.

Liam is at his adult size.  His height and length have not changed at all since his 7 month measurements but he has put on a few pounds, weighing in at 20 lbs even.  Here is his growth over time for future puppy parents...

Liam's favorite game is fetch.  He could literally play for hours on end.  I am so happy the weather is FINALLY NICE so we can play, go for bike rides, and really enjoy being outside.  He is such a great dog, so smart and lovable.  We are so thankful to have him in our family.

I also wanted to send you a list of puppy products that I absolutely LOVE and have helped make the past year much easier as a new dog owner.

1) Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness (small) - has helped significantly with loose leash walking and making our walks more enjoyable..

2) Winter Coat for cold Boston winters, and Tummy Warmer for fall/spring/rain.  As well as the Rubber Booties that I wrote about in a past letter. These can be purchased from K9Apparel.

3) Chuck it - will save your shoulder and tire your pooch.

4) Bike Tow Leash - excellent way to tire out your puppy.

5) Neater Feeder - for some reason Liam has a tendency to bury or cover up his food and water, which became a very MESSY endeavor.  This product saved me from cleaning dog food off my floor daily.

6. Petsafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar - citronella collar has improved barking in the house substantially.

7)  Chews like hooves and bully sticks, as well as treats like the ones in your shop, and we also like Spot Farms Hickory Smoked Turkey Bacon treats because I can break them up really small.

I realize some of these products are on the expensive side, but I just wanted to share them because they have helped me significantly as a new puppy mama.  So excited to follow the new litters! Talk soon!

Yours, Erin

Thank you so much for all your recommendations, Erin!    We appreciate that you have tried these products out so we know that they work!   Sometimes just knowing a product exists is half the battle!  And I think most of us would agree that is is definitely worth getting the right products to make our lives with our dogs better.   So thank you again, for your thoughtfulness in taking the time to share them with us!   
Best wishes to you!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oscar the Schnoodle turns 2 years old

I received this awesome letter from Jen, Oscar's mom.  I know you will all enjoy it......

Hi Mary!   Happy belated Mother's Day to you and Dixie and Happy 2nd Birthday to all of Oscar's sisters and brothers from his mother's day 2012 litter!!  I can't believe my baby boy is already 2!

Oscar Helping me study:)
We just got back from a fun weekend at the beach!  Oscar's absolute favorite thing is playing catch and he LOVES the beach, so I took him down to the beach for his birthday to give him one more final romp in the sand before memorial day (they don't allow dogs on the beach in MD from Memorial Day-Labor Day).  I attached a picture of my sandy little guy, that face was totally worth our 3 hour drive to play catch on the beach and the bath I had to give him later on :)  He is hysterical when it comes to catch, he never wants to admit or accept that he is actually tired.  When he starts to tire out, he will chase after the ball and then lie on top of it until he catches his breath (because he thinks if I know he is tired I will try to end our game of catch), and then when he is ready he will bring it right back for more.

Oscar at the beach

You gave me a great idea in our last correspondence about keeping him entertained during the day when I'm at work with my next door neighbor's dog, Lucy.  She and Oscar are total BFF's.  I wish I had a good picture of the two of them together because as I mentioned last time they look like twins (she is an apricot Cavapoo about 5 months younger than him).  My dog walker walks my neighbors dog as well, so we asked her to start walking the dogs together and she did one better for us and offered to let them have an extra 30 minutes of play time together during each walk!  So now he is getting over an hour of playtime with his BFF on the days I am not working from home and when I am home he knows the sound of our dog walkers car beep when she locks her car and knows exactly when she is here to get Lucy next door and immediately runs to the door crying until I let him out to see both of them :)  So needless to say he is finally getting tired out during the day and I was able to get him a dog bed for his crate that he doesn't chew!

 Our next training activity that I am trying to tackle is turning him into a running dog so we can go on runs together.  By no means am I a "runner" but when I start to pick up the pace with a jog he is so easily distracted by everyone and everything around him he has to stop and check everything out :)  So we are working on that now, but in the meantime very much enjoy taking long walks together in the afternoon especially now that the weather is much nicer!
I thought you of all people would appreciate the other two pictures I attached: Oscar on my mom's lap on the car ride home when we picked him up at 8 weeks old,......

.... and then Oscar on my mom's lap on our car ride to the beach at 2....you can see he is just a little bit bigger now for her lap in the car :)

Every time I check out your blog I am absolutely amazed at how long your waiting lists are!!  But I guess I can't say I am truly that surprised because you breed such wonderful and loving dogs so its only natural everyone wants one!!  I only hope in another couple years the list has dwindled so we can get back on and get a little sister or brother for Oscar!  Hope you and your family are all doing well and good luck with the upcoming spring litter!!

Jen & Oscar

Thanks so much for your update and all these beautiful photos!  Oscar looks like he is having a really good life with you!  And I am soooo happy that he has a good buddy in the Cavapoo!  I know it must be so much fun to watch those two dogs play!  I know Coco and Misty love romping around in our back yard for hours on end  Dogs sure enjoy having a playful companion.

I am glad you posted the pictures of Oscar in the car as a puppy and in the car today!  Wow!  He is all grown up isn't he! 

Best wishes, to you both!   We sure love having updates!