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Welcome to our blog! I am a small hobby breeder of Schnoodle puppies. My Schnoodles are a cross of the White Schnauzer with a Red Poodle. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We have 4 breeding females and sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for hobby breeders.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)

They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!

We sell our puppies through our Waiting list. We do not post them on the blog for purchase. If you wish to be contacted with updates on the next litter email me at GrowingPuppies@gmail.com

Update: We are so excited for our winter puppies. I also hope for a litter in Summer 2018.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Difficulty of Whelping Predictions

Hi all!   Are you getting as impatient as I am waiting for puppies?  Remember the saying, ' a watched pot never boils'....Consequently, I am trying to go about my life and not hover over Dixie too much:)

So obviously the due date calculations are quite different from last year.  Last year Dixie whelped on Day 59 (a week before the due date)....this year Dixie is still waiting to whelp on Day 66.  

What is the reason for such a difference in whelping dates?  Were last years puppies very young for birth?  Are this years puppies getting too far along?   Actually, the puppies inside Dixie, may be not be any older at their whelping than the puppies were last year.   Because whelping Due Dates are rather imprecise since they are based on first breeding days and not on date of conception.

The difference between this year and last year is that last year we bred Dixie on Day 13 and 15 of her heat.  Whereas this year we bred Dixie on Day 5, 7 and 9 of her heat.  So I do think that we must have bred Dixie very close to ovulation last year, and this year we must have bred her well before ovulation.  
Obviously our experience has shown that the breeding is a success, either way.  This is because sperm can live up to a week inside a female.

It is standard practice to attempt a breeding as early as a female will accept the male....but the actual conception of a puppy is still an unknown factor.  So that is why calculating a whelping date based on breeding dates alone, is not a very precise method.

Veterinarians tell us that....

1. ovulation may occur as early as day 5

2. ovulation may occur as late as day 23
3. ovulation may not be consistent during successive season in the same bitch

So anyway, Dixie is now on Day 66 of her pregnancy, with Day 1 being the first day of breeding.  But since ovulation could have been a week or more after that day, the Whelping date Calculator, may be a bit off this year.

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