Welcome to Our Puppy Blog!

Welcome to our blog! I am a small hobby breeder of Schnoodle puppies. My Schnoodles are a cross of the White Schnauzer with a Red Poodle. These dogs do not shed, are great for allergy sufferers, are friendly and easily trained.

We have 4 breeding females and sell our puppies face to face as required by APHIS rules for hobby breeders.

Our breeding dogs are from purebred Akc lines and the Schnoodle puppies are registered with ICA (the registry for Designer breed dogs.)

They will be vet checked, have their first set of shots, and be Ugodog Puppy Toilet Trained. But this is just the beginning! Read through our posts to see the special care and attention we give our litter. You will enjoy watching our Growing Puppies!

We sell our puppies through our Waiting list. We do not post them on the blog for purchase. If you wish to be contacted with updates on the next litter email me at GrowingPuppies@gmail.com

Update: We are so excited for our winter puppies. I also hope for a litter in Summer 2018.

About Schnoodles

Bear at 7 weeks old
What is a Schnoodle?

The Schnoodle is popularly called a designer breed.  Although it is not a purebred dog it is a careful breeding of a purebred Schnauzer and a purebred Poodle to achieve the excellent traits of both breeds and obtain hybid vigour. Additionally, people with allergies typically find these dogs are better for their allergies.  Our breeding dogs are carefully chosen for their excellent quality and I carefully scrutinize pedigrees before choosing my breeding dogs.  Our Schnoodles are first generation puppies with ICA papers, so you will have a registration to prove that they are a F1, first generation,  50/50 Poodle Schnauzer mix. The Schnoodles we breed are intended for family pets.  We do not sell them to breeders or puppy mills. 

Amazing Temperament:

2011 litter adult Schnoodle
 I first decided to breed Dixie because everyone who met her was taken by her sweet temperament and adorable look.  It seemed to become a habit that everyone who met her was wanting to know if she would have a litter.  As a breeder for companion and family dogs, an amazing temperament is very high on my list of priorities.  I look for this trait in the parents before I buy my dogs.  With great socialization and great genetics, the wonderful sweet personality continues to show forth time and again our Schnoodle puppies.  Here is one example of the puppy reports I receive from owners..."I still can't believe how much love she has in her little heart!  Their temperament is just amazing to me, never seen any other dog close to that sweet and a lot of people tell me that. "

About the Schnauzer
The Schnauzer is a small but sturdy dog, highly intelligent and sensitive. This breed makes excellent companions as they are happiest following at your side or curled up on your lap. They make good watch dogs as they are protective by nature and will alert you at the approach of a visitor. These dogs make great pets for families with small children because they are neither too big nor too small. They love to play, but as with any dog, supervision with children is always a must.

Ruby at 1 year old
About the Schnoodle: The Schnoodle has all the above Schnauzer traits, with the smart Poodle genes and curlier poodle coat mixed in. The poodle is considered to be the second most intelligent dog, after the border collie, Schnauzers are also very high on the intelligence chart.  So Schnoodles too are very smart and easily trained.  Toy and Miniature Poodles are not generally considered good dogs for children because of their very fine bone structure.  However the sturdy bones of the Schnauzer bring a sturdy structure to the Schnoodle breed and we have found them to be excellent pet for children.

The Size of the Schnoodle:

I offer the Miniature and Toy size Schnoodle   These sizes are typically born from Miniature or Toy parents.   However, there is always the possibility of a Tiny Toy as well. 

Oscar at 7 weeks old
A wonderful aspect of the Schnoodle is their coat which does not shed and is not prone to 'doggy odor'. Grooming requirements are fairly straightforward even for the novice.

Because the fur grow continually, and does not fall out, the family pet must then be taken to the groomer or clipped at home.   After bathing and combing the dog is clipped along his head and back. The leg furnishings are scissor cut as are the underside and eyebrows.

Between groomings it is recommended to comb through the furnishings regularly. Tangles that are ignored turn into matted fur that has to be cut out. The frequency of trimming usually depends on how thick and curly it is.  The curlier Schnoodles tend to require more frequent trimming about every six weeks.  The wavy coats can go 2-3 mths between trims.   I clip my dogs every 2-3 months throughout the year.

Since your puppies are a mixed breed, shouldn't they be free?
Mixed breeds are often the result of accidental breeding and the background and traits of the resulting litter is often unknown.  You may find a dog like this at the newspaper, pound or in a Rescue.  But even Shelter dogs cost money, and who knows what veterinary expenses or bad habits will cost you down the road.  If you are looking for a bargain Schnoodle in the newspaper beware that they may be from a Puppy Mill where dogs are ill treated, unhealthy and not properly cared for. At the very least, always visit the home where the puppies were raised, and ask to see the parents.  Check out their registration numbers to view their pedigree. Dogs that are bred from quality breeding lines are less likely to carry genetic health defects.
2012 Schnoodle puppy
No, my puppies are not free.  I would never give a dog away, simply because people are less likely to be committed to good dog ownership.   My Apricot Schnoodles are a carefully planned litter.  I am breeding specifically for the Schnoodle traits that are desired.  It is actually more trouble to breed the Apricot Schnoodle than the Purebred Schnauzer because Quality AKC Red Poodles are few and far between. I go to the extra trouble and expense to buy the highest quality breeding dogs from well respected breeders who strive for good health and temperament like I do.

I have chosen to breed Apricot Schnoodles because I have seen a high demand for their unique characteristics among Schnoodle fanciers.  The hypo-allergetic quality of the coat, the good nature personality and sturdy build, make this a great family pet.  It is no wonder it is one of the top 'Designer Breeds' amongst pet owners.  

Remy from 2011 litter at 1 year
For this reason my Schnoodles are priced comparably to the well bred purebred dog.  My adopting families see the value in their purchase price.  I put the time into caring for your dogs with more attention than most large breeding facilities could.  They are litter trained which is a great convenience.  I also blog about the litter so you can watch your puppies grow.  Very few breeders offer that kind of attention....you will be lucky to get any photos along the way.  My buyers feel they have a relationship with the whole litter, long before they bring their puppy home.  For this reason, our puppies have a waiting list that keeps growing.

I hope you will appreciate the effort I put into rearing the best puppy for your family.  I also hope you appreciate my time in sharing their story with you.  I could charge more for my puppies, but I have kept the price to that which I think is affordable for the average family willing to plan ahead for their puppy.

Are Schnoodles Good for Allergies?

When people contact me to purchase a Schnoodle it seems that most of them want this dog because they have heard they are better for allergies.   Sometimes people are worried that they may still experience symptoms.   What I tell them is this....the Schnauzer is said to be good for allergies, and so is the Poodle.   Therefore this mix is the best doodle of all!   I cannot guarantee that every person will have no problems, because every person is an individual.   But I can at least tell you that none of my customers with allergies have had trouble living with a Schnoodle.  Just to be sure, I sent out a survey to find out individual results.   Here are the responses....

Customer #1
1) Do you have allergies?   I do have allergies but I have not had a problem with my Schnoodle.

2) What symptom do you have with a typical dog?   I mostly have congestion and sinus problems. 

3) What symptoms do you have with your Schnoodle dog?  I do not have any symptoms.

4) Would you recommend a Schnoodle to a friend with dog allergies?   Absolutely!

5) What comments would you like to share?  When my boys were growing up we had a poodle.  The allergist said that the dog is not always the problem.   But dust can be carried in froma dogs fur.   I have not had any problems with my Schnoodle, Bear.


The answers to the survey questions are below.   George is continuing to be such an awesome puppy.  He completed 3 weeks of puppy obedience school and is such a joy to be around!   The care you put into choosing the right kind of dogs to breed is very evident in George's temperament and intelligence. 

1)  Yes my 11 year old son is allergic to dogs.
2) He breaks out in hives if certain dogs lick him.  The dander of other dogs bothers him enough to cause hives
3) He does not have any problems with our Schnoodle!
4) I would definitely recommend a Schnoodle to people with allergies
5)  We have had no problems with allergies since we brought our Schnoodle home.  My son is able to roll around with him, cuddle with him, let him lick him and have him in his bed without any allergic symptoms.


We would be glad to share with you our experience with our Schnoodle Ginger.   Our son is our allergic child.  He is 8 years old. (He was 7 when we got Ginger)  His typical reaction to dogs of many different kinds was swelling/watering eyes, sneezing, extremely stuffy nose, sometimes hives and asthma attacks.  With Ginger if he has any reactions at all, it has been much milder...like, an itchy eye and maybe a little stuffiness or sneezing.  But, even this has seemed to only happen with facial contact with her fur or saliva (when he wrestles or snuggles with her )   He doesn't seem to have any problems with her being in the house, on the furniture, or with petting her with his hands.  We have had better success by keeping her hair groomed on the shorther side and by brushing and bathing her regularly (I think this just basically cuts down on the environmental allergens/ pollen that may attach to her fur when she is outside. )

We have loved Ginger!  She's been a lively and fun addition to our family, especially good at snuggling by the fireplace this time of year, and we feel like we've made no sacrifices on the allergy/health front either!

Thanks for contacting us!


1)  Do you or a family member have allergies?  Yes I am an adult with allergies

2) What symptoms do you have around the typical dog?  Typical symptom are runny nose, and watery eyes, which is generally made worse by being scratched.

3) What symptoms have you experienced around your Schnoodle dog from Growing Puppies?   I have not experienced any allergic symptoms around Wrigley and when I am around other dogs, I still have symptoms.

4) Would you recommend a Schnoodle to a friend who has dog allergies?  Absolutely, I picked this breed because I had a dog that I was allergic to my entire childhood.


Thank you to all the above customers who have shared their experience with their Schnoodle dog.    We have positively found that Schnoodle puppies are an excellent choice for those people who suffer from dog allergies!